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How do I apply for a place at Weston-under-Penyard if my child is starting reception?

Your child will start school in the year in which they are 5. To apply for a place if you live in England please contact the Herefordshire Admissions team. If you live in Gloucestershire please contact the Gloucestershire Admissions team, who will then liaise with Herefordshire on your behalf.

Applying for a Reception place in 2021

Local Authority Over Subscription Criteria

To contact the teams see below:

Herefordshire Admissions office (click here)

Herefordshire Council
Blackfriars Street

Office Telephone No: 01432 260926

Email: schooladmissions@herefordshire.gov.uk

Gloucestershire Admissions office (click here)

School Admissions

Gloucestershire County Council

Shire Hall



Email: school.admissions@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Office Telephone No: 01452 425407

How do I apply for a place at Weston-under-Penyard if my child is joining the school after reception?

If you would like your child to join us after the start of their reception year you need to firstly contact the school to find out if there is space in that year group. If there is we will manage the transfer process with you through the school. Please contact us directly if you would like to know more.

Mrs Tracey Catlin (School Secretary)

or Miss Vicky Tansley (Head of School)

on 01989 563933.

What are the admission arrangements for selection and oversubscription criteria?

These arrangements are reviewed annually with the Governing Body. Applications are ranked according to these criteria.

Please click here for a copy of our Admissions Policy (updated September 2020)